New Vietnam War Memoir Black Cat 2-1

New Vietnam War Memoir "Black Cat 2-1:The True Story of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and His Crew"

New Vietnam War Memoir “Black Cat 2-1:The True Story of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and His Crew”

“Publishers Weekly” calls new Vietnam War memoir” Black Cat 2-1: The True Story of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and His Crew” (Brown Books Publishing Group) by Bob Ford of Okeene, OK, an action-heavy thriller.

Ford offers readers good descriptions of his tour of duty and the positive experience that allowed him opportunities for flight at its most satisfying and thrilling as an army helicopter pilot with America’s best.

Ford flew over one thousand missions from July 1967 to July 1968 as a Huey Aircraft Commander and survived. In the Vietnam War, 2,197 helicopter pilots and 2,717 crew members were killed.

“Black Cat 2-1” pays tribute to the valiant men Ford served with and who risked their lives for the troops on the ground––a gripping page-turner that reads like a thriller, captures the humor of the men at war, and resounds with respect for those who served with honor.

“No braver men have taken to the field of battle than the pilots who flew the iconic Huey helicopters,” says David Maurer, Special Forces Veteran and author of The Dying Place. “Ford’s account is a priceless contribution to the literary canon of that war.”

Chuck Yeager, Sergeant York, Audie Murphy, Eddie Rickenbacker, Ike, and Jimmy Doolittle— these are the men who first captured the imagination of Bob Ford and instilled in him the feeling that every man should be willing to serve his country in the military.

“Many good things came out of the Vietnam War,” says Ford. “This memoir of personal experiences is one of them.”

About the Author

Bob Ford made his commitment to flying helicopters when he was still in college at the University of Oklahoma. He completed ROTC training and received a commission in the US Army in 1966. He volunteered for army helicopter flight school and within one year was flying combat in Vietnam. When he completed his tour in Vietnam, he became an instructor pilot at Fort Wolters, Texas. Following his discharge in 1968, he moved to Okeene, Oklahoma, to head the Okeene division of the family flour milling business, which he still actively manages.

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