92-year old Navy Vet. got lost, Town comes to Aid


92-year old, World War II Navy Veteran, Oscar Ehrhart who left his house on Friday morning to attend a local American Legion meeting near his home in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, got lost instead some 200 miles away.

Oscar Ehrhart found himself in Robbinsville, New Jersey after taking a wrong turn. The The Times of Trenton reports, Oscar asked a local resident for directions but since it was already 9 p.m. and being tired, he planned to sleep in his car. On this moment, the resident called the Robinsville Police for help.

These four Robbinsville, NJ police officers offered to pay for a 92-year-old WW2 vet to stay at the Hampton Inn and…

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The resident offered Oscar a room for the night, but he was too proud to accept the offer. Its at this moment Sgt. Egan took him to a hotel to buy him a room for the night.

The only issue: Egan had left his wallet at the police station. So Egan called his squad to bring his wallet to the hotel so he could pay for the room. Yet the manager of the Hampton Inn gave him a free night’s stay in the hotel’s last available suite.

Afterwards Sgt. Egan went back to the police station and printed out detailed directions to Waynesboro, Pa., drove back to the hotel and handed them over to Ehrhart.

Egan said he talked to Ehrhart on Sunday. He was home, safe and sound.


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