WATCH: FG42 vs M1 Garand: 2-Gun Action Match


For this month’s 2-Gun Action Challenge Match, we had a loaner .308 FG42 from SMG Guns, which I handed off to my friend Karl to shoot. I went up against him with an M1 Garand, to see if e could get an idea of how these two rifles would have fared against each other in WWII. The match had a good mix of situations, from 200-yard targets down to 1-yard targets, and it tested a wide array of shooting skills. For handguns, Karl an I stuck to the WWII theme – he used a Walther P38 and I used my Ballester Molina (for all practical purposes, a 1911A1).


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Ian McCollum is a self-described professional gun nerd, passionate about firearm design, manufacture, history, and practical use. He is always looking for rare, experimental, and unusual firearms to learn about, and loves sharing that interest with others.

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