T-34-85 being pulled out of the Mud in Poland


Poligon in the Biedrusk belongs to centrum land forces training. Notice that this is only a tank crust. Probably in the 70/80 years the last century was used as a target.

After the war, T-34-85 tanks were initially armed regiments of tanks independent of the Polish Army. Since 1949, they are an essential type of tank, armored and mechanized divisions. After the introduction of new types of tanks, the second half of the 50s, it gradually shifted to the Division II first line, and then to the division Skadrowanych and reserve tanks which act as direct support to the infantry. With arms until they were withdrawn in 1986 as part of the process of reduction of the T-34/85 tank was first produced in Poland on a massive scale. In 1951, Poland has purchased a license for its production. Ultimately, planned to produce up to 3 thousand. tanks per year. Vehicles were produced Mechanical Plant “Łabędy” in Łabędach near Gliwice.  Serial production started in 1952 to the time of its completion in 1956, built a total of 1,380 tanks, of which 1108 passed the Polish Army units. The remaining 272 cars earmarked for export. During operation in the Polish Army tanks T-34-85 part has been modernized to version T-34/85M1 (cylinder engine, the crew of four soldiers, reinforced suspension) and M2 (also designed to overcome water obstacles on the bottom). Modernization was carried out in Military Mechanical Works in Siemianowice

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