PHOTO-MYTH UNCOVERED: Photographical Proof of German Atrocities in Russia


Argunners presents its second “Photo-Myth Uncovered” with a photograph that was launched on the world wide web as “Photographical proof of German Atrocities in Russia” other titles that went with the picture were “Russian woman raped before hanged”. Viewers discretion is advised to see the full image below:

Is this picture real or not? The truth has been uncovered and the Photograph is NOT real and was photo shopped. The purpose and reason behind the publishing of this photograph was indicated by some sources to create and therefore have “photographic proof” of the German soldiers performing atrocities in the Soviet-Union. This photograph was launched with several other photographs.

Argunners managed to find the original photograph.depicting the German soldier who is actually laughing together with, and holding, a Russian senior citizen.

Hanged woman

“Proof of German Atrocities in Russia” / “Russian woman raped before hanged”

German Soldier together with a Russian senior citizen.

German Soldier together with a Russian senior citizen.


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  1. I feel better for knowing that this terrible photo was fake, even if we are all aware that those kind of attrocites for sure took place during that horrible war, committed by all armies in fight.

  2. I don’t understand why these two bozos ragged on you like that. They totally missed the point of your investigation into this photo. Nimrods.

    • Indeed they missed the point of the photo. However, I’m okay with criticism and everyone have the right to speak their mind, it’s a free country. But we will always correct the record if needed.

    • It’s all to easy by certain people to want to continue the vilification of the German armed forces. So easy to say, ” see the proof, these were the monsters of the 20th century”. Photoshop a picture or two, and those that want to continue to paint with a wide paint brush the people of this nation as sub humans. What of the atrocities of invading armies to the woman and children of the country that they’ve conquered. Americans were no exception to this.

      It’s not like America didn’t commit genocide on the indigenous people living here in North America. Talk about ” never again ” how does 100 million men, women, children slaughtered under the government decree of ’eminent domain’ sound? Those that survived the slaughter were left to live in dismal areas of the desert, for many, so far from the lakes and streams where they would hunt and fish for sustenance. Those that survived had their names taken away and renamed with Christian names. They attempted to destroy their culture, and almost succeeded in doing so.

      The German people were led astray by a captivating orator. I rather doubt that the Germans as a whole (if they could) would have condoned the mass executions that are called the ‘Genocide of Six Million Jews/Gays/Gypsies/ and other prisoners. But keep in mind that this is not the only act of genocide against a people by a political tyranny.

      The German Armed Forces were not guilt free for their war time atrocities, as are any armies that have fought in any war, in any time in history. To continue to vilify these men and women is just a show of incredible ignorance.

  3. So what is your POINT ? Or better yet your BEEF ? Want to talk atrocities ? What did the f##### communist Russian army do to German woman and girls when they entered Germany? Those animals were responsible for one of the greatest wholesale mass rapings and murders ever committed ! How many people know any of these BARBARIC ATROCITIES !? Oh we won’t talk about this because the Germans deserved this? What BS ! The f##### communists murdered and (who knows how many were raped) butchered how many of their own “countrymen”, mostly Christian Russians .Upwards to 50 million . Maybe their point is possibly there are people STILL TODAY WANTING GERMANY TO BE FOREVER STIGMATIZED OR CAST, WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO CALL IT, AS THE WORST AND GRESTEST EVIL. THE COMMUNIST OF RUSSIA BY FAR PROVED TO BE THE MOST HORRIBLE ,VIOLENT MONSTER’S OF ALL TIME! DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND NOT FROM THE BS DRIVEL GENERALITIES OF PARTIAL TRUTHS MOSTLY LIES BY I WONDER WHO?

    • Bob- you may want to take a look at the article again? The photo is fake and it’s supposed to uncover the truth. I don’t think you read the article but it looks like you’re misconstruing it the opposite of what the article meant. Take a look again and let me know if you still disagree?

  4. What’s your point? A photoshopped picture? Because with or without your contribution, there’s overwhelming evidence that the Einsatzgruppen weren’t alone in perpetrating atrocities, “ethnic cleansing” and butchering people by the millions. Only Stalin and Chairman Mao were responsible for ordering more deaths than the Nazi regime. Not just the Einsatzgruppen, but also the Waffen SS, and, now proven, the Wehrmacht were involved while also enlisting other cutthroats in occupied countries to do their bidding for them.

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