Panzer 88- a World War 2 Thriller


Get ready for a historical-style supernatural thriller. Panzer 88 is a film that is set to be released soon, fronted by Director Peter Briggs, which you know from the Hellboy franchise. The producers for the project are Gary Kurtz from Star Wars, and Ivor Powell, from Blade Runner and Alien. The cast thus far includes Thomas Kretschmann, Jay Baruchel, and Gary Oldman.

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The film will delve into both the historical territory and the supernatural horror realm. It follows a five-man german crew on the retreat from Russia in 1944. The crew has been described by director Peter Briggs to Gizmodo as “a microcosm of Germany at that time.”

“The captain [who]is a member of the Party because he has to be, not because he wants to be. He doesn’t care for the Reich’s hidden agenda. The young loader is the pretty Aryan poster boy, but he has no real notion of what that means: if anything, he’s an innocent. The gunner’s brother is in the SS…that character represents the average person who is swayed to do wrong, because the Reich manipulates him into it. For me, he’s the most interesting. The driver is the grizzled old timer who would just rather not be involved. And the radio op, the new kid…well. If this were Moby Dick he’s definitely Ishmael. We see the whole story unfold through him.”

There is an additional character, named Gottfried, who participated in the destruction of a village, and who drives a wedge between all of the characters, and is the only true Nazi. Briggs made sure to explain that the movie does not set out to introduce the characters as Nazis in a sympathetic light. Rather, the Nazi regime hurts the characters in the long run.

The movie follows this crew of now six as they retreat from Russia in their King Tiger tank. The tank itself serves as a unofficial seventh character. They outfitted it with specific supplementary armor, according to historical tanks of the time, as well as to set it apart and make it unique.

The story itself leads the crew into the path of a mythical monster, out to avenge the death of the villagers. You can see the monster idea in the concept art for the movie in their preview video below. The film itself is still acquiring financial backing, but we are sure to see it begin filming soon.

PANZER 88 (Preview Video) from Carnaby Films on Vimeo.


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