New Upcoming WW2 Movies in 2018


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In this list are the upcoming World War II Movie, Documentary and TV-series releases (and upcoming) for the Year 2018.

Das Boot (Mini-series)

The eight-hour series is based on Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s novels “Das Boot” (“The Boat”) and “Die Festung” (“The Fortress”), which have been adapted by a writing team led by Tony Saint (“Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley,” “The Interceptor”) and Johannes W. Betz (“The Tunnel,” “The Spiegel Affair”). The series will act as a sequel to the film, picking up from events at the end of the film when U-96 returned to La Rochelle and immediately after a severe bomb raid took place on the U-Boat port.

Das Boot Drama Series

Today, more than ever before, anti-war stories need to be told. The notions of war and terror are ubiquitous. The misguided actions of young men driven to commit acts of terror by false ideologies are obvious. The 1981 film Das Boot is unique, and we are approaching our work with the greatest of respect for this masterpiece. We want to build on the strong brand of Das Boot and continue telling the story in a contemporary manner by making use of every filmmaking and storytelling technique available to us today.”, said CEO Christian Franckenstein.

Read more here. To be released: 2018.

Scorched Earth: The Other Side of World War II

Amidst the carnage of the Russian Front in World War II, an officer struggles to keep his men – and his brother – alive in the face of ever-burgeoning Soviet onslaught.

To be released: 2018.

The 34th Battalion

Upcoming Australian war film, directed and produced by Luke Sparke. The film follows four friends from Maitland, New South Wales who join the 34th Battalion to serve on the Western Front. The film depicts the experiences of the unit, which was recruited in 1916.

You can find their Facebookpage here. To be released: 2018.


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