Missing German WWII Soldier Found


A German soldier, who was missing since 1945, has been found by Arbeitsgruppe Vermisstenforschung on April 18, 2015. The remains were found in a shallow grave of 50 cm deep near Lampaden by Hans Heller and Uwe Benkel, who have already uncovered 140 planes and 45 pilots since they were missing in World War II with their organisation.

The soldier presumably belonged to the German, 6. SS-Gebirgsjäger-Division “Nord”,  division which operated there after they were being transferred, late 1944, from Norway to Denmark to end up in December 1944 in the area of Trier-Saarburg. It is here where the unit fought bloody battles with the 90th US Infantry-Division and sustained severe losses. The soldier, who was uncovered, was killed during one of these battles and did most likely fell on 14th of March 1945.

Together with the remains several personal belongings were found such as a pipe, pocket knife, remains of a comb, a silver bracelet, various coins (including Danish Krone) and the soldiers Erkennungsmarke (The German version of the Dog Tag) to which will lead a positive ID of the missing soldier. The remains were picked up today by the German Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge who will lay the soldier in its final resting place in a period of time.

Personal belongings that were recovered with the remains of the missing German soldier.

Personal belongings that were recovered with the remains of the missing German soldier.

Uwe Benkel’s organisation Arbeidsgruppe Vermisstenforschung doesn’t receive any funds although they already brought tens of pilots, and soldiers, home or uncovered their fate. Many families were giving back the personal belongings of their beloved ones to cherish them. You can help as they need your support to keep on doing this, spare a small fee or whatever you can miss to bring the missing back home: Donate now


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  1. Will the personal belonging be returned to any possible surviving relatives when the fallen is identified? (just curious how it works). It’s good that he will finally rest as known and with his faith finally cleared though.

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