Messerschmitt Me 262 Hit & Shot Down by U.S. Fighter


Seldom footage from near the end (most likely April 1945) of World War 2, in Europe. U.S. gun camera footage of an American fighter (most likely a P-51 Mustang) firing at a German Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter. Several hits are seen on the wings and then on the tail of the Me 262, which appears to accelerate, while emitting smoke. It is then seen with its right engine smoking heavily. It is again attacked and apparently shot down. Another scene shows attack against a German fighter (Possibly Messerschmitt Me-109 or Focke-Wulf Ta 152?). If you have more information to the German Me-262, Me-109 (or FW Ta 152) or the U.S. Fighter, we would appreciate any contact with information.

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  1. raymond clark on

    it is probably what ronnie and russel said….second plane was definitely a 109(as to what exact model i cant say) and a ta-152

  2. Was only possible to shoot down a Me262 if they are out of fuel and go to the Airfield to land. Only in the last meters by landing, the enemy fighter could shoot down thise german hightec airplane.

  3. The prop fighter at the end is simply a Bf 109 G. The wings look longer and thinner than they really are thanks to the backlight. It can be recognised as a G-model because of the tail wheel being visible. On the K-model, and also on the Fw 190/Ta 152, the tail wheel was retractable.

  4. Russell Underwood on

    It is very probable that it is a TA-152. A unit of these aircraft were assigned to fly cover for the 262’s as they were returning to their bases, and keep any enemy fighters at bay. The bottom of the 152’s was painted a bright RED with white stripes, so that the German gunners would not fire upon their own.

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