Did you know these Fun Facts of World War II?


Here are some of the more fun facts that occurred during World War II that you may did not know. I also added on fact from more recently but that is related to World War II.

Fact 1: In 2014, a 90 year old British veteran – named Bernard Jordan – was reported missing from his nursing home.. It turned out they’d said no to him going to Normandy to celebrate the D-Day 70 year’s anniversary.. But he went anyway and left the facility wearing a grey mack concealing a jacket underneath with his war medals attached. (Source)

Fact 2: During World War II King George VI was at war with Germany as King of the UK, but as King of Ireland he was at peace with Germany and validated the credentials of German ambassadors. After WWII he was at war with himself as King of Pakistan and separately King of India. (Source)

Fact 3: The Mad Piper” Bill Millin, the only bagpiper to land on the beach in Normandy. While men fell around him, he played his pipes throughout the battle. A group of captured German snipers was asked why they hadn’t shot him. They replied that they thought he’d gone insane and felt bad for him. (Source)


“Mad Piper” Bill Millin

Fact 4: After World War II had ended German Prisoners of War in Canada were treated so nicely that they kept a great fondness for Canada and didn’t want to leave Canada when released. Many stayed in Canada or moved later on from Germany to Canada. (Source)

Fact 5: German interrogator Hanns Scharff was against using physical torture on POWs. Instead he would take them out to lunch, on nature walks and to swimming pools, where they would reveal information on their own. After the World War II ended, he moved to the US and became a mosaic artist. (Source)

Fact 6: When World War II broke out, all the venomous animals of the London Zoo were killed to remove the possibility of having dangerous animals escape if the Zoo were bombed. (Source)

Fact 7: The last prisoner of war from World War II to be repatriated was a Hungarian soldier, named Andras Toma, who was taken prisoner by the Red Army in 1944. He was discovered living in a Russian psychiatric hospital in 2000. He died a few years later. (Source)

Andras Toma

Andras Toma

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  1. Everett Minor Bailey, who went on to have a successful 20-year career in the US Navy, enlisted the day Germany surrendered and received his orders to the Pacific the day Japan surrendered. When asked about his good fortune he simply replied; “They knew I was coming!”. By the way, he was my dad.

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