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Only yesterday we posted that you can buy a seldom B-25 model “H” for just $950,000 but boys wont be boys if they weren’t asking for something cooler, faster and better like for example … a Vickers Supermarine Spitfire! Now is your chance to play on the EuroMillions or the Powerball or access your Swiss Bankaccount and buy a Spitfire and therewith a magnificent piece of history: a 1945 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire F.18. for a price of $1,995,000.

If you didn’t impress your friends with the B-25 they will certainly be impressed with this. No need to worry to be late for work ever again with a Rolls Royce Griffon 65 with 58 Heads and Banks and 100.0 SMOH by Zueschel Racing Engines.

History of the plane:

Prior history shows very little time on the airframe since first being build by Vickers in 1945.

It was reportedly in a UK maintenance unit for a bit and then to India in 1946 where there was a landing accident, which caused its return to the UK where it was repaired and sent back to India.

It apparently flew with the Indian Air Force for another year or so and then ended up as a gate guard in New Dehli until 1978 when Doug Arnold brought it and a few other spitfires out of India.

You can still see the Supermarine part number stamps on the cowling, etc., so it is all stock to this airframe.

Doug Arnold had SM969 rebuilt with a first flight in 1985. With approximately 20 hours flight time, the Spitfire was placed in storage between 1992 -2006. Sold to The Fighter Collection, a full rebuilt to airworthy standards was commissioned.

Upon completion of the restoration the Spitfire was shipped to its current owner in the United States. It has been displayed at several airshows on the East Coast.

Vickers Supermarine Spitfire for sale


Airframe: 50.0 Hours since complete restoration by The Fighter Collection, Duxford, UK

First Flight after restoration: 12/2008

Engine: Rolls Royce Griffon 65 with 58 Heads and Banks

100.0 SMOH by Zueschel Racing Engines

80.0 Since IRAN by The Fighter Collection

Propeller: Dowty Rotol 5 blade

80.0 Hours SMOH to zero time condition by Skycraft, UK

Exterior: Painted in the markings of 80 Squadron – Hong Kong 10/10

Interior: Painted in authentic green paint – 10/10

Avionics: Becker Comm

Becker Transponder

Spares: A large inventory of spares is available separately.

Credits and for sale on: Platinum Fighters


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