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It is the start of a fresh new year, and what better way to celebrate a new beginning than to look back on the greatest hits of 2016? These posts are the most-read articles of 2016, give them a quick look over to see if there is anything you missed.

#10 New WW2 Movies Released in 2016



If you are a history and a cinema buff, make sure you take a peek at this list of World War 2 movies that were released last year. Have you seen them all? If not, watch the trailers and check out the links to purchase or rent them.

#9 Horrors of WW2 Captured in Photographs

Horrors of WW2 Captured in PhotographsThis photo series was taken by General Charles Day Palmer, a four-star General in the U.S. Military. His photographs were released by his grandson after Day’s death in 1999 as a way to honor the memory and service of this great man. His photos were released in a three part series, this is the second installment showing the true horrors of the war. Be vigilant- these photos may not be suitable for everyone.

#8 USAF Pilot Missing Since Vietnam War Finally Accounted For

An Air Force pilot who’s aircraft was struck down over Hanoi, Vietnam is finally being laid to rest after nearly 50 years of uncertainty. The wreckage of a plane believed to be his was found in 2011, though many recovery missions were needed to fully excavate the site. In May of this year, his remains were finally forensically identified and returned to his family for burial.

#7 Sailor Missing since D-Day Finally Found

A Navy sailor who was part of the D-Day battle on Omaha Beach was finally identified and returned to his family in May of this year. He had died when his tank was destroyed by enemy fire and his remains were interred as an unknown soldier in Normandy. After a request from the family in 2015, the remains were reexamined and finally identified.

#6 The Last Flight of Boris Lazarev

Last Flight of Boris Lazarev

In 1943, Boris Lazarev’s aircraft was shot down over a swamp. For over 60 years, his body and aircraft lay in that swamp, waiting to be found. In 1998, Russian and American researchers found the site of his crash, including his mummified body in nearly perfect condition and all of his personal belongings.

#5 Normandy Tank Museum Closing Its Doors

Normandy Tank Museum Closing Its Doors

In September of this year, the Normandy Tank Museum closed its doors and sold all of its memorabilia, after being open for only two years. It was opened largely on the collection of its founder Patrick Nerrant. The entire collection was sold, including replica uniforms and authentic vehicles.

#4 Remains of 19 Soldiers from World War 1 Found in Flounders

In April of this year, 19 brave soldiers were finally found and returned to their countries to be properly laid to rest. The soldiers most likely perished during a battle in April of 1915, so they have been resting in this place for over 100 years. At least 2 of the soldiers were identified as German, and 9 identified as British.

#3 Upcoming WW2 Movies in 2017



If you have already seen all of the World War 2 movies that were released in 2016, come take a look at this exhaustive list of the movies that will make their debut this year. It will be continually updated as new movies are announced.

#2 Marine Pilot Missing Since Vietnam War Finally Accounted For

A helicopter was shot down just west of Tam Ky in Vietnam on December 3, 1965. Everyone on board, including 4 Americans and 9 Vietnamese soldiers were killed in the resulting crash. Starting in 1993, researchers traveled to the area and attempted to excavate the crash site and the soldier’s bodies. Finally, in August of this year, the last of the remains were finally identified and prepared for a proper burial.

#1 Amazing WW2 Photographs

A German bridge is blown sky high by U.S. Engineers

The first installment in the photography series by General Charles Day Palmer, these photographs depict a first-hand experience of what it was like to be a soldier during one of the most world-altering wars in recent history.


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